Monday, June 8, 2009

the smell of burning flesh or why I love my husband

I now know what burning flesh smells like. More specifically, I know what my burning flesh smells like, and let's just say it's not a scent anyone is going to make into a candle anytime soon.

I went to the doctor today to have a mole removed because it was apparently suspicious looking. My doctor gave me the option of waiting and watching it or just removing it. I opted for removal because I am already paranoid enough about cancer (it seems to run in my mom's side of the family--she and three siblings have had it), I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

I have been seeing this doctor for over 3 years and like him, for the most part, but my experience with him today left me feeling a bit disheartened.

First off, I really wish he had explained the procedure in a bit more detail. It drives me nuts when a doctor works on me, but tells me nothing about what he is doing. Rather than prattle on and on about the waterfall he is planning on building in his yard, it would have been nice to have been prepared for the stench of my own burning flesh. Instead, I had to put 2 and 2 together to realize that Dr. B was in fact cauterizing my skin to stop the bleeding. I don't know, it just seems that if someone is going to sear your skin, they should at least warn you first. But maybe that's just me.

What really bothered me, though, about my interaction with Dr. B today was that he bagged on his wife at least 5 times in the short time I was in his presence. He has never done this in previous appointments, but there has never been a cute, young nurse in the room before either. It seemed as if he was flirting with the nurse and trying to either impress her or make her laugh.

At his wife's expense.

This incident gave me pause. I felt sympahy for Dr. B's wife. It wasn't that he said anything exceptionally cruel, but he wasn't very nice either, and I know it would have probably hurt her feelings to know that her husband was making fun of her behind her back. At least I know it would have hurt mine, had I been in her shoes.

As I thought of this incident I realized how lucky I am to have a husband who doesn't do that. He never makes jokes at my expense in front of other people and he doesn't engage when men are sitting around talking smack about their wives. I also know I can completely trust him not to flirt with other women. He is extremely careful not to put himself in inappropriate situations; he even avoids being alone with other women and never gives me cause to be jealous or unsure of his fidelity. I am grateful for this, because I know it is rare.

I know I am extremely lucky. And all it took was some seared flesh to help me realize it.


Sarah said...

Your doctor is a jackass....I can't believe that he didn't explain your procedure better. I wish you has asked him what that smell was...:)

Bil sounds like a solid guy...I think the good lord only created a small inventory of these kind of men...we are married to 2 of them.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Your doctor? Sounds like a jerk. But your husband sounds wonderful.

Mrsbear said...

Apart from being cruel, it was in poor taste and extremely unprofessional for him to make comments like that in front of a patient, and a female at that. You're a wife yourself, how else would you have taken his insensitive remarks? What a dill-hole.

You are lucky to have a great husband. Heck, after that post, I'm off to kiss mine right now.

Hope your seared flesh is recovering nicely. ;)

lonestar said...

Your doctor sounds like an idiot, as a doctor and as a husband :(.

Your husband, on the other hand, sounds awesome :). I feel the same way about my dh, thanks for reminding me to appreciate how great he is too!

MOM-NOS said...

Yeah for awesome husbands!!!

Shellie said...

Dr. B better watch out! You are lucky indeed to have such a great husband.