Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Mumbers--Happy Independence Day

3 Number of baby raccoons we found in our garbage can.
I may have mentioned before that I grew up in Chicago. Not the suburbs, but the actual city. The south side of Chicago to be exact. The wildlife I saw was limited to squirrels, the occasional mouse or rat, scary German Shepherds the neighbors owned, and the gangbangers near the school where I taught.

So whenever I see bunnies or raccoons running through my yard, I get excited and point them out to whomever I am with. And when the person I am with is an adult who grew up somewhere other than Chicago, I get a really weird look. I guess I am just not a country gal, because I don't think I will ever get used to seeing Cardinals and chipmunks roaming in my yard.

2 Number of extra kids we had visiting this weekend.

150 Number of kids we felt like we had visiting this weekend. My sister and her husband came with my niece and nephew for the weekend, and while the kids were really fun, I think at one point Danny and my nephew broke the sound barrier. It rained all day on the 4th and the kids were getting stir crazy. After waking Tommy up for the 17th time, I kicked them all out of the house. My nephew looked at me imploringly and said, "But, Pat-Pat, it's raining outside."

To which I gently and kindly replied, "I don't care. Get out of my house."

Oh, c'mon, it was only sprinkling and all the adults in the house approved of my decision.

8,090 Times one of the kids shrieked during the fireworks display. We can see the local fireworks display from our front yard. Some of the trees block a few of the lower fireworks, but it is so nice not to have to travel to see the display. Add to that the low cloud cover we were experiencing this weekend and you get a rather weak fireworks show. Despite the fact that often all we could see was a green or red aura, the kids squealed and shrieked with abandon. It was great fun.

3 The number of hours Danny and Charlotte have been napping this afternoon, which is the only reason I have been able to blog today. Apparently, the hours of swimming and playing with their cousins have caught up to them. They are plumb tuckered out.

So, am I, but I am not wasting this precious free time by sleeping, that's for sure!

167 Number of bug spray applications made on all the kids visiting.

34 Number of times I somehow got bug spray in my mouth. Every time I sprayed it on the kids, I advised them to close their mouths and eyes. You would think I could take my own advice.

I wonder how many Weight Watchers POINTS are in OFF bug spray....

1 The number of near sensory meltdowns we had this weekend. Even though we had a house full of guests for the entire weekend, Danny totally held it together. It was amazing. Also, he only had a couple of timeouts which is ridiculously low for him. Typically when we have visitors, he has multiple meltdowns and timeouts within just a few short hours. And the one meltdown he almost had? Well, turns out he was exhausted. He took a nice long nap that afternoon and was fine after that.

I took much of the advice you guys gave me and it WORKED. Hooray!! What a joy to have a relatively calm and regulated boy in my house despite the major upheaval and disruption in schedule. This gives me great reason to hope for further progress.

Hope you had a great 4th of July!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4th! Sounds like you and B had a great weekend...lookin' forward to another great weekend coming up in a few weeks :)

Amy Jane said...

What a triumph for you to have had Danny so well-regulated over the weekend! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. You deserve it, lady. Miss you...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a full and crazy weekend! That's what summer is all about right?! LOL

Sarah said...

Bug spray is delicious and I too enjoyed some consumption of the 4th.

Jack literally clung too me like a little spider monkey during the fireworks---my older nephew decided to light some off.

I'm glad to hear things went so well---nothing better than a "smooth" weekend with guests :)