Sunday, August 9, 2009

editing fiascos or how I can sometimes be neurotic

We have a little newsletter at church for the women that's filled with all the news, recipes and birthdays for the month. As I happen to be in charge of what we call the Home, Personal, and Family Enrichment Meetings (yeah, say that one fast a few times), I get to write up the little blurbs for said meetings each month.

No problem, it takes me just a few minutes to whip up some cleverly worded paragraph enticing the women to attend a meeting about how to make beans palatable to the whole family. Well, at least I try to make them clever.

Anyway, I digress. Though I know I am not the best writer in the world, I do try to get my grammar, punctuation, wording, and syntax correct. I have always admitted to you guys that I am a complete nerd, and these are things I get a kick out of. It drives me nuts to see grammar and punctuation mistakes in ads or on signs of businesses. I groan every time I read our local newspaper and catch yet another error.

I know this is not a big deal, but it turns out that the new woman in charge of getting the newsletter together has been editing my passages each month. At first, I assumed she was just rewriting them because she didn't know how to cut and paste. She is not very experienced on the computer and has been struggling with the newsletter.

So, like I said, I disovered today that she DOES copy and paste the blurbs I email her. What's the big deal? you may ask. Well, every month I find mistakes in my articles. Big mistakes. Like mistakes most people will catch. And they are not mistakes that I have written. They are mistakes that T has edited into my little paragraphs.

This is where my pride rears its ugly head. As silly as this sounds, I don't want people to read my stuff and see all these mistakes that I would never make. And I especially don't want people to think I made those mistakes. But, I know this is not an important issue. I am not about to offend her because I want to show that I am right and she is wrong. So not worth it. And as I said, I know this is not important. It's more my problem than hers. I just need to let it go. I need to turn a blind eye to the excessive exclamation marks and unnecessary quotation marks, to say nothing of the improper usage of apostrophes.

I guess I will just have to swallow my pride.

And continue answering questions like, "So, who's the celebrity that will be at our lunch next month?"

Yeah, that was supposed to be "celebratory," not "celebrity."


a Tonggu Momma said...

Ouch. That would bother me, too. Then again, I am also a Word Nerd.

lonestar said...

That would bother me, too, but my dh calls me a "grammar nazi" just because I tend to notice those things too. He wasn't complaining when I offered to proofread his papers back in our college days ;).

Amy Jane said...

OMG, Patty! You have my utmost sympathy. That would drive me absolutely insane, and I don't know that I would be able to take the high road like you. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Also a word nerd. I'd be teaching her cut and paste. Immediately.

Kim said...

Yikes! That would bug the bejeebers out of me too. I may not be that great with grammar and punctuation, but I would prefer not to have anyone adding to them.
You are a bigger person than me... I would have to speak up.

(does my love of the .... bother you? heeheehee! i love to do that even though it is not needed)