Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Mumbers

16 days, 18 hours until school starts, but who's counting, right?

11 The number minutes of Bil has been gone since leaving for his night at work.

307 number of times Charlotte has screamed that Danny touched her, looked at her, hit her, since Bil has left. I don't think he has actually touched her at all, but I can't prove it. I think I need to separate them during nap time.

4 hours, 40 minutes until I can reasonably put the kids to bed. This may be a very long afternoon and evening. And I get to do it all alone. Have I mentioned that Bil is working nights now, indefinitely? Which means I will have to bathe, brush teeth, feed dinner, read bedtime books, discipline, etc, with no help at all. None. But, I am not going to dwell on that. No, instead, I am going to think of all the positive aspects of Bil working nights....

Well, he has a job. I should be grateful for that, right?
OK, well, that's enough of looking on the bright side for now.

5 the number of days that I will be sole caregiver to 5 children under the age of 8. Next Thursday, I will have taken up residence at my sister's suburban home, while she and her husband traipse off to the Cayman Islands for a wedding. I volunteered to take care of her kids back in May when we all got the invitations to my cousin's wedding. My sister is particularly close with this cousin and I knew she would really want to go. I also knew the biggest obstacle in her way was child care. As I already stay home with kids, I didn't hesitate to volunteer.

All summer I have been completely confident in my ability to manage five kids for a long weekend. Everyone I knew asked me questions like, "Are you crazy?" "How are you going to handle 5 kids?" "You are so going to be ready for a padded room after that week, you know that, right?"

I have to say I was slightly offended at people's lack of faith in me. How hard could it be? I thought. I mean, what's two more kids, right?

Well, that was before this past weekend when my family and I stayed at my sister's house when we came to town for my brother's wedding. After spending less than 36 hours in the company of 5 kids under the age of 8, I am now terrified for this upcoming week and am seriously doubting my judgement in volunteering my services. At one point this weekend, my niece was rollerskating in the house and running over anyone in her way, my nephew was playing video games with loud noises, Tommy was crying and my other two were playing with every toy that beeped or talked in the house and my eyes started twitching.

I don't do noise well.

This should be a very interesting week.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Five children? For the long weekend? I will pray for you. You know, the husband and I originally wanted three children. Then my sister (and her family of then-five) lived with us for six months. And that's when I realized that I, too, don't do noise well.

Sarah said...

Yeah I have been spending a lot of time in my padded cell. I too will be thinking about you over the weekend. But here is a pseudo silver's not your house :). After the weekend is over, you get to leave, including any mess that is made. Harsh? Perhaps. But your kids will be just as happy to "go home" as you will be---guaranteed.

Susan/LilMommy said...

...And don't forget the new cat! AH sorry I brought it up but mom just told me the story and showed me pics of Sam :)
You can do it! Does she have a fenced in yard? Lots of movies and take out all the batteries!

Susan/LilMommy said...

Oh yeah and tell B pay back can be a b@#$%!

kia (good enough mama) said...

I must, must, must get back to doing Monday Mumbers. Must.

Babe, you have far too much on your plate and far too little help. :( I'm sorry. I hope there's an end (a good one, of course) to your overworkedness (yes, it is a

Hang in there!

lonestar said...

Wow... perhaps some earplugs might want to make their way into your luggage? I don't do noise well, either, not that that stops my boys from being LOUD most of the time. Once I got an ear infection and actually put off going to the doctor because it wasn't hurting but was muffling everything and I was enjoying the quieter atmosphere... sad, huh? Maybe I shouldn't admit to that, lol.

lonestar said...

was going to add, maybe your sister wouldn't mind returning the favor sometime after she returns, so that you can have a little R&R time too?