Friday, October 16, 2009


I need some advice here, people. Please help me!

Lately, when Danny has come home from school, he is so riled up and overstimulated I just don't know what to do with him. He has hurt Charlotte pretty badly at least twice this week and even hurt little Tommy when he decided it would be a good idea to pick Tom up, carry him down the hall and deposit him on the bed, which Tommy promptly rolled off of. It was an accident, but a direct cause of Danny being so riled up; he has even less impulse control when stimulated. I'm sure it has something to do with the incessant rain of the last couple of weeks. He hasn't been able to go out for recess and we haven't played outside after school, so he probably has a lot of pent-up energy.

Obviously, I need to figure out what to do with the kid as winter is fast approaching and I cannot handle the hyperactivity and intense sensory seeking for much longer. Do any of you have similar issues with your kids? What do you when you can't get them outside? Help, please!


Natalie said...

Patty, Hannah has the same problem when she doesn't get outside. Her sensory seeking was HUGE today when she got home from school. We've set her up a playroom in our basement to help deal with the cold weather (we had one in the spare bedroom at our old house too). I just wrote a post about it for SPD awareness month on our blog so you can go check out what we have in it if you are curious The biggest thing I've tried to do is incorporate the things that she does at OT with low cost home alternatives and we've tried to make them portable so that we can easily remove them if we need the space. For example we mounted the swing above the drop ceiling and attached it to the eye bolt with a carrabeaner so that we can take down the swing and pull the ceiling tile over the bolt so that no one even knows there used to be a swing there if we need it. The pool is inflatable so if we really need the floor space I can deflate it and throw all those pillows in Hannah's closet. I've been making her do many more heavy work type chores around the house now that it's cold too like loading and unloading the washing machine, pushing the laundry baskets around, putting away groceries, transporting bags of books all over the place (I usually fabricate a reason for the move!). I even make her swinging time on the disc swing into heavy work by putting toys on the floor and making her reach down and pick them up while she's swinging and then throw them into the pool. A good investment might be a doorway swing set or chin up bar that he can hang on and flip and such as well as something to use as a crash pit. We used to use the old matress in our guest bedroom as Hannah's crash pit (we removed the boxspring and just put the mattress on the floor). A mini trampoline might also be a good idea. Hannah has started jumping off our mini tramp into her crash pit now which sounds scary, but is actually fairly safe and helps with the sensory seeking.
Good luck.

Stonefox said...

Okay. Daniel is extremely energetic and we don't have a backyard (I'm sure you remember that from your time in HK). What I do is have him go through some indoor exercises when he gets home. We have one of those big exercise balls that he bounces on and I have him do series of jumping jacks. He also does some sit ups, but he needs me for that, so it happens when I am able to sit with him. The others he does on his own.

Also, if you have space in your living room and it is practical, you can move your couch out and let him run circles around it. Seriously. This was one of Daniel's favorite things to do! In our new place we don't have the space, so we have to go somewhere for him to run, which we try to do a couple times a week.

Hope that helps, I know what it is like to have the pent up stuff!

Sarah said...

I agree with all the above---we have two swings in our basement and a docking station for Emma's iPod so she can listen to her music. We also have a therapy ball and trampoline (a round one you can buy at any sporting goods store).

If you can do any of those things, let Danny know that the minute he gets home, he needs to do one of these activities (put it on his schedule). Once it becomes part of the routine, you will notice a difference.

Anonymous said...

Patty I have to agree with everyone else. Make these kind of activities part of his routine the minute he gets home. Mini-tramps are great, and I like the idea of a chin up bar. We have a trapeze on our swing in the basement and Charlotte hangs from that a lot.

You know what else Charlotte really likes is doing yoga. We have 2 Yoga Kids DVDs and she will do nearly the whole thing (either one) several times a week.

I've also gotten into the habit of exercising regularly (finally!) and if I am doing it when she's home, she joins in. Jumping jacks, butt kicks, even using the hand weights -she's into it.

I have to say though that ever since we took her off milk and ice cream, the significant sensory-seeking has left us. In a million years I never would have dreamed that it was brought on by milk, but...

Claire said...

We have pupers our adhd/spd dog (not really she's a border collie x but I think she learned some behaviours from kidlet :) lol ) and the 2 of them rip through the house for a while. Kidlet is 11 now and usually has a snack when she walks in the door from school then wraps up in our thick fleecy blanket on the couch and usually hangs upside down and watches some TV. I just realised writting this that the blanket is heavy so is maybe doing some deep pressure that I never thought of!
We have taken sodium benzoate out of kidlets diet and for us that stopped A LOT of the behaviours (impulse control, hitting, attitude, willful destruction)
Not much help I know but every little tidbit helps sometimes.

Susan said...

I just cleaned up the basement pushed everything against the wall and put the scooters down there- It helps to get out the energy.
What about some alone time? Maybe all the noise that carries over from school then continues at home can be a lot to handle. What if he had some quiet time or alone time?

Mrsbear said...

Benadryl? I'm kidding. Mostly.