Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hate when exercise is the answer

I recently saw a book with this title and laughed. I can so agree with that sentiment. It's absurd, actually, because it seems obvious that in order to lose weight, one needs to exercise and eat sensibly. That doesn't seem too difficult (in theory) yet it amazes me the lengths some of us will go to in order to lose weight without following that formula.

This was brought home to me this past week when I heard about the hCG diet. I was interested, because not only are you supposed to lose a pound a day, but it requires no exercise at all. What it does require is daily injections of the hCG hormone on top of ingesting only 500 calories a day. No wonder there is no exercising recommended, with that caloric intake you'd be lucky to have enough energy to sit up.

I never seriously considered this diet, but it did interest me. Who wouldn't want to be able to lose 5 pounds a week? Still, it seems ridiculous that I would even think about suffering through near starvation and daily injections, but don't feel like exercising daily and eating sensibly. What was I thinking? How could the hCG diet be any easier than just eating healthful foods and moving more? Why are we enticed by these quick fixes that are too good to be true?


Denise said...

why? because it requires what I think is NO work....which....since I am tired, how can moving be the answer? haha...though I KNOW it is true. always looking for another way out than my own responsibility

lonestar said...

I can so relate to this... I know exactly what I need to do if I want to lose some weight and get back to semi-decent shape. But somehow lugging a 40-lb boy around whenever I'm home is insufficient exercise, and by the time everyone goes to bed I'm too tired. Sigh. That said I think I'd choose exercise before daily injections... ack!

Mrsbear said...

500 calories a day?! How could you possibly function? I think I'd slip in to a coma before the day was over, forget prodding myself with needles. I'm having trouble sticking with the exercise/healthy eating plan myself. Low energy levels and PMS thwart me at every turn. Luckily I haven't gotten so desperate to try anything like the hCG diet. I don't know that I'd ever be that desperate actually, I'll just buy bigger pants.