Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas wishes

It's that time of year again. The time where we can make wishes and hope they will come true. I have been pondering the question of what I want for Christmas yet again, since Bil asked me to give him a list of requests. After all, he has to not just take care of my Christmas presents, but my birthday ones as well. Not easy to have a wife whose birthday is three days before Christmas.

I mentally flipped through some things I want: a fit and healthy body, an end to emotional eating, a house that stays clean, kids who never fight. Sure, I would love any and all of these precious and magical gifts. But, still none of them are at the very top of my Christmas list.

I thought of peace on earth, an end to the suffering of children everywhere, enough food for countries where people are starving. All very noble and worthy wishes, and definitely all things I want to see happen; yet again, I have a particular wish that is not among those stated above.

My wish, while definitely more selfish than world peace, has the potential to help all those around me. It is a life-changing gift, one that will make me a better wife, mother, and person in general. It will bring more peace to my home, help my children be happier and better behaved. This precious of gifts would make everything better.


Yes, sleep is what I want for Christmas. But, not just any kind of sleep. I want 100% uninterrupted sleep. And not just for one night or even one week. I want months of it. Years would be great. Sleep in which once my head hits the pillow, nothing at all wakes me until 6:45 am when the sun gently warms my face and wakes me fully refreshed and energetic and ready to take on the world, instead of what actually happens, which isn't pretty, folks. Believe me. It includes much groaning, limping, inwardly cursing and scowling. Let's just leave it at that.

In order for this to happen I need an end to being awakened by a 4 year old's cries at 3 am and stumbling out of bed to tuck her in or give her a glass of water. No more waking to snores loud enough to raise the dead. And no more letting a baby cry it out at 2 am. I want him to sleep. I want them all to sleep without making any noise besides quiet, peaceful breathing, and perhaps a cute tiny little snuffle or two.

Is that really so much to ask for?

Because if you could see the havoc this sleeplessness is wreaking on me, I know you would agree that this is an important issue with enormous implications. Seriously. I don't do well with little sleep. I need a good 9 hours to be pleasant and at least 8 hours to be just functional.

As it is,5-6 hours with interruptions results in me misplacing everything. Lotion in the fridge? Check. Remote on the kitchen bookshelf? Check.

And then there is the inability to complete coherent sentences using correct words. I am pretty sure Bil is sick to death of me saying things like, "Could you please get me know, that thing? The thingy with the stuff? C'mon, you know what I mean! Just GET IT FOR ME!"

And the kids have been perplexed on an almost daily basis when I tell them to come eat breakfast at 5pm or I tell them to get their chicken nuggets out of the dishwasher (instead of the microwave). I swear I see the look in Danny's eye that says it won't be long before it's time to lock me away.

And he's right. He is. Unless I get me some sleep. STAT.


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Sprite's Keeper said...

Sleep is high on my wish list too. I hate to say it but Sprite is a great sleeper. She doesn't wake up much at night and we're usually the ones pulling her butt out of bed in the morning. (She takes after me on that one.) But I have been sleeping poorly lately, mostly due to my own fault of not going to sleep on time. It's gotten so bad I tell John the same thing you do, forgetting words like "keys" and "antidote" and switching them out for "thingie". Even worse, I called Sprite "Heather" at school. I don't know too many Heathers, honestly.
Love your list!
Welcome to the Spin Cycle, you're linked!

Sarah said...

Jack did not sleep through the night for the first 3 years of his life---after a sleep study and the removal of adnoids and tonsils, he finally did. I totally get what you are saying---people in general take sleep for granted.

Hang in there Patty. May I suggest the following? Cuddle rest. It is a term I still use with Emma and Jack which is code for "mom is going to lay down on the couch, come join me with a blanket." Granted, they don't sleep and I don't sleep soundly, but it does give your body a little time to rest....

Denise said...

good luck...and AMEN to ALL of it! I about put the cheese in the hot pad drawer...granted, my thought to calm my troubled soul was that at least it was NEAR the fridge, right!

D.M. Wright said...

Great post! I hope you get some much needed sleep!!! and soon!

Ellie Belen said...

A great Christmas wish. Sleep is one of the best ways to feel whole again. I haven't felt whole in 20 years!

lonestar said...

A great Christmas wish!! Hopefully Bil is reading and will do what he can to make that happen (at least a few nights if not months and years...) ;)

We've been through extended periods of little to no sleep and frequent sleep interruptions, so I totally hear ya on this one. It makes a world of difference, that's for sure!

Mrsbear said...


Great to see you on the Spin Cycle.

I'm with you on the sleep. I don't know how many times I've told my husband I want to sleep for at least a month straight, the fatigue, the exhaustion is too much. I don't even have a baby in the house! Last night it was a bed wetter at 5 am. Sigh. I also have trouble expressing myself at times in the face of sleep deprivation. Yesterday I told my son to sit down and eat his homework. I was exasperated, he wouldn't sit still, and I'm always telling him to eat his food, so I suppose it's an honest mistake right? Right?

Hope you get your wish. Although I don't know that it's possible unless the kids are all in college. :(

Amy Jane said...

Patty, you poor thing! I know that this wouldn't solve your problem, but could you guys afford for Bil to "give" you a night in a hotel, so that you could at least get one night of great sleep? I think it would be worth it!

BTW, thank you for your support re: my latest blog post - it's so nice to have you validate my feelings! That really is what friends are for....

Anonymous said...

I got stuck on "a house that stays clean".

Yes, one of those. Please.

Anonymous said...

=) Oh, me too. In a few months I'll be crying for it. I'm not sure I'm ready for it!!