Monday, February 15, 2010

Groundhog Day, Valentines and Umbrellas

~~~~The last two weeks at our house have been filled with everything Valentine's Day. Apparently, this is the kids' new favorite holiday. Of course, Danny pretty much says this every time a holiday comes around. The only one he hasn't shared his fondness for is Groundhog Day. For some reason, he seems really unimpressed by that holiday, and I have to say I agree with him. Who came up with Groundhog Day, anyway?

And seriously, do you really need to ask a small furry animal whether we will have more winter? Really, we live in the Midwest and it is February. Of COURSE we are going to have 6 more weeks of wintry weather, and probably a lot more than that, if past winters are any indication. Personally, I consider it lucky if Spring actually arrives in April. Anything sooner is a bonus.

~~~~So, anyway, Valentine's Day. Right. Last week, Danny came home with the great idea of making valentines. I was delighted--it never ceases to please me when he comes up with an idea like this on his own.

I cut out pink and red and purple hearts and the kids piled on the glitter. Danny wrote notes on his hearts and they were really sweet. Notes like "I love you, mom" and "Dad, I love you" and "I love X-box and video games."

Yep, he made a valentine for the X-box. The X-box that we don't own, by the way. Still, the fact that we are X-boxless did not deter Danny from pledging his undying love.

~~~~In an attempt to curtail a bit of the sugar consumption in the house, I had the questionable brilliant idea of giving the kids small umbrellas for their Valentine's Day gifts rather than chocolate or candy hearts. We got a Pixar Cars umbrella for Danny and a Spiderman one for Charlotte. She's been asking for a Spiderman lunchbox for weeks now, so we knew it would be a hit. And we were right. Personally, I take some satisfaction in the fact that she has yet to fall for the Princess craze. At least Spidey is independent and relies on his super powers rather than his looks.

So, the kids spent all weekend pretending it was raining and/or snowing in the house. I felt like I was living in Renoir's "Umbrellas" but with really garish colors.

The kids asked me several times an hour whether I was getting wet and then insisted on holding the umbrella over my head. This wasn't so bad when I was sitting down, but if I was standing, I almost invariably got poked in the head, eye, or neck with an umbrella spoke.

At one point, Charlotte gave me her umbrella to use, but then ordered me to open, then close, then open it over and over and over again. She claimed that it was raining and then seconds later, it stopped, then started again, etc. Apparently, we had some really wacky weather here in Illinois this week.

I may have to give next year's gift a lot more thought. Maybe sugar isn't so bad. Sure, it rots their teeth and makes them hyper, but at least it's gone in a day, and I have yet to lose an eyeball to a conversation heart, though I may be speaking too soon.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

This is such a cute post! I can just see them holding the umbrella over your head and the weather changing moment to moment.
And an X box Valentine? How cute is that. My 22 year old son would probably like to give his Xbox a Valentine!

Oh, and such a cute story about you and your hubby meeting!!

gretchen said...

I LOVE the Valentine to the X Box! My son is obsessed with the whole 6 more weeks of winter thing. Which is sweet since we live in Los Angeles, and winter is a bit...relative. And kind of hard to tell when it starts and stops. So my son keeps counting the weeks.

Elizabeth Channel said...

That valentine to the X-Box is so wonderful and quite creative : )

Mrsbear said...

There's a reason my kids aren't allowed to play with umbrellas in the house - I don't know how to pop children's dangling eyeballs back in to their sockets. ;)

Professing your love to X-box. Too much.

danette said...

How cute, I love the homemade valentines :).

lol, my boys were complaining about Groundhog day too, as if it's all the groundhog's fault that winter will supposedly be with us for another 6 weeks (and at the rate we're going this winter it could be longer - ugh!).