Monday, July 19, 2010

random thoughts--summer edition

~~My mom informed me that I should get off my rear and write another blog post. Of course, she phrased the request much more politely than that, but still that was the general gist.

I have missed blogging, but summer has really taken its toll on my creativity. I would love to say that I have had no free time at all in which to write, but that is not, strictly speaking, true. I mean, I did find some free time to waste watching a few episodes of Losing it with Jillian Michaels. Embarrassed though I am to admit this, I can't seem to quit going back to hulu to see if there are any new episodes. I am fascinated by these families who actually welcome Michaels into their houses for a week.

I mean, have they never watched The Biggest Loser? Do they not know what kind of demon woman she is? Wow, she is so hard core and really, really mean. But there is something about her tough approach that is really fun to watch.

From the comfort of my sofa. While possibly eating a snack or two.

~~Danny has developed something of an obsession with Legos. Obsession might even be too weak of a description.

If you have never worked with them, the directions for these Lego atrocities are practically indecipherable. At least to me, though Danny seems to have no trouble at all figuring them out.

Danny has encouraged me to play Legos with him several times over the summer, but I typically call "uncle" after about 30 minutes of building. Constructing entire universes out of these tiny plastic blocks is really hard on the eyes.

Saturday, however, I think I was bitten by the Lego bug. As I helped Danny with his new Space Police ships, he got distracted by the movie Charlotte was watching. Before I knew it, I had taken over completely. I had to have worked on these space ships for no less than 2 hours, during which time if Bil was imprudent enough to interrupt me, I grunted and waved him off.

In the end, this was one of my masterpieces.

It took Danny 90 seconds to dismantle this ship that took stole 90 minutes of my life, not to mention my eyesight.

I hate Legos.

~~Mowing our lawn is a multi-day process for me. I typically tackle the front yard first, as this is the area that most people see. I figure my neighbors are probably tired of looking out their window and seeing what looks like an abandoned house across the street.

Then, I move on to our back yard. I never seem to be able to mow it all in one fell swoop. It takes well over an hour just to cut the back grass; we have a rather large lot and of course, only a push mower. And while I am mowing I have to take periodic breaks to make sure Danny hasn't killed Charlotte and that Tommy hasn't smeared Vaseline all over the walls. It feels like I have been mowing the lawn all summer.

As I labored for what felt like hours, my neighbor came out on his riding mower. I'm sure he was cackling maniacally at me while the breeze ruffled his hair as he drove around his backyard. Meanwhile, I was frantically swiping at the sweat dripping in my eyes and trying not to run over our cord, cursing the whole time.

B finished his lawn HOURS before I did it. And he didn't need a shower and change of clothes afterwards.

And he calls himself a neighbor.

~-Note to self: Must talk with Bil about the possibility of installing astroturf.


Susan said...

Eric, thankfully, is one of those lawn obsessed men and he is turning my son into one to: one day Nolan's future wife can thank me for it.
We did one of those legos to learn a piece went missing. I cursed the lego gods for that one.
and ps I like to say the summer has kept me from blogging but I have my nose to far in a book to say that :)

Alysia said...

ah Legos...I have long ago been replaced by Dad when any help is requested, except to take two stuck bricks apart (as the only female in the house, I'm the only one with fingernails) I can't understand those directions either. So now I don't even bother.
I'm impressed that you can get out and mow!! If I turn away for a few minutes, someone is climbing on someone or tickling someone else too hard or using Hot Wheels tracks as lightsabers. Way to go!!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

I'm duly impressed by both your mowing and Lego abilities, as well as your children's abilities to entertain themselves safely while you mow. Ya'll are some kind of super family! Seriously!

Your mower has a cord?

Sarah said...

Oh my lord Patty this was hysterical! "it took Danny 90 seconds for Danny to take apart the space ship that took me 90 minutes." And your depiction of your yard...priceless!

Thank you for a much needed laugh!

Mrsbear said...

And you mow the lawn?! No wonder you have no time for blogging...

I ignore everything beyond the walls of the house...which would explain why our house actually does look abandoned. On the plus side, I do think it dissuades any would be burglars, which our neighborhood has been getting a lot of.

Legos are evil, but completely engrossing. Ditto for Lincoln Logs.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I hate legos too. Especially after stepping on two of them a few months ago. Those dang things can CUT! My foot took forever to heal!

Anonymous said...

For like the last 10 years we have had a guy come and do our lawn for us. I have to admit I don't miss mowing the lawn. Not. One. Bit.

danette said...

I'm impressed, you not only did a great job on the lego spaceship, but you managed to take a picture before Danny could dismantle it :).

Bitty's obsession has been the Wii but we had to take it away because he got SO obsessed that was literally all he wanted to do - all day, every day. We finally locked it up in the garage and told him it was broken. He still asks for it almost every day but he doesn't cry about it anymore. We keep telling him dh is working on fixing it...