Saturday, January 22, 2011

How does she love me? Let her count the ways....

The following is a transcript of an overheard conversation between Bil and Charlotte, as they shared a piece of Chocolate Almond Chiffon Pie:

Char: Mommy makes the best pie in the whole world!

Bil: You're right! She really loves us, doesn't she?

Char: Yes, mommy loves us lots and lots!

Bil: And we love her.

Char: Yes, I love mommy sooooo much! She is the best cooker EVER!

Bil: And mommy's pretty funny, isn't she?

Char: Yes. And mommy makes really good chocolate chip cookies!

Bil: You love it when mommy is silly with you, don't you?

Char: Mmmhmmmm....I also love mommy's Rice Krispie Treats and the cakes she makes!

Bil: And don't you love how nice mommy is to you?

Char: Yes! She makes me brownies and they are deeeelicious! And I love her pies and her cakes and her cookies! Oh, mommy makes the best treats in the world. Her peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are yum, yum, yummy! I really, really love mommy! And I love the muffins and cupcakes she makes, too. Mommy is great!

Mommy: Hey, Charlotte, what if I couldn't make you treats anymore? Would you still love me?

Char: (woeful) Nope. I would be soooooooooooooooo sad!


Alysia said...

Oh my goodness that is SO funny!!!
(and definitely not a conversation that would ever happen in my house :-)

@jencull (jen) said...

brilliant, guess the way to her heart is through her tummy :D Jen

Heather said...

Good thing you make good treats! lol! That conversation is classic :)

Denise said...

Sadly, that is one conversation I will NEVER hear at my house. Though I have heard that my kids like the way I cook at times! ;)

Ginny Marie said...

Well, if I were Charlotte I'd be sad, too, if you stopped making me all those goodies! ;) Why am I suddenly craving a brownie right now?

Spectrummy Mummy said...

Number one most hated thing about Pudding's allergies- I can no longer buy her sweet affection with baked goods. Keep on baking on. :-)