Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vote for Pancakes!

I never ran for Student Council in high school, was never entered in the Homecoming Court, and definitely never entered a beauty contest, so I have never had the opportunity to solicit votes for myself.

Until now.

Surprisingly, I was nominated on Hartley's SPD Blog Awards! This is a big honor, especially in light of the other bloggers who were nominated, who are incredible. To be honest, I was half tempted to get my husband to nominate me, but thought that was just a touch too sad. I mean, after all, he's my husband so he has to say he likes my blog.

Imagine my glee when I discovered that I had indeed been nominated, and not by the person to whom I am married, and who is therefore forced to do what I say.

Due to my aforementioned lack of experience, I have no idea what I should do to convince people to vote for me. Do I make buttons and bumper stickers? Plaster the lockers with posters of pancakes oozing syrup? Make a bunch of campaign promises I never intend to keep? Kiss some babies and shake some hands?

How about this: a heartfelt plea for your favor--

I'd love it if you voted for me!

So, drop on by Hartley's. As they say in Chicago, "Vote Early and Vote Often!" (In this election, it is actually legal to vote twice a day this week, so get to those voting booths!)


***This ad was paid for by Citizens for Pancakes.


Alysia said...

vote early, vote often and vote in every category!
congrats on the nomination. You deserve it!!

Jaimee said...

Congrats! Your blog IS awesome! I'm a fan, and a fellow nominee...but you got my vote : )

Heather said...

You're in the awesome category because you are AWESOME!!! Vote early and often is right! Congrats on the nomination - hope you win!

@jencull (jen) said...

Yes, yes yes, I have been voting for you because we can vote every day :D Best of luck!! Jen