Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been busy

I've been meaning to write a blog post all week, but I've been stuck, suffering from writer's block, if you will. I feel lazy and undisciplined because I haven't posted in almost two weeks.

Then, I started linking up my recently posted articles at different sites, so my mom would know where to go to read them all. She's my most avid supporter, and she gets bored at work sometimes, so she looks forward to reading my ramblings.

Anyway, below are all the places I'm posting this week. I guess I have actually been doing some writing after all. Just not for my own blog....

Here's an excerpt of my post for Hartley's blog; it's about poop, so be forewarned!

Mention the topic of potty training and I am liable to break out in a cold sweat. Nausea has been known to strike, and I sometimes feel panic gripping me. The issue of potty training has been known to reduce me to tears dozens of times.

In all my 7 and a half years of parenting, I can think of few other topics that make me feel quite as inadequate and helpless.

Neither of my oldest two children were particularly easy to potty train, and neither of them were trained at a very young age. But Danny, Danny was a spectacularly challenging case, one which we are still working on, even now as he nears his 8th birthday.


And click here for an article on the interoceptive sense that I wrote for Our Journey Thru Autism.

And here's a post I have running at the SPD Blogger Network today about my martyr complex....

Check out the review I wrote today for Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms.

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