Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cost analysis of an at-home haircut, SPD-style

Haircut from local beauty salon:

Hair cut and shampoo.......$15

TOTAL: $20


At-home haircut:

Haircutting scissors from Wal-Mart.......$25/8 haircuts a year/3 years = oh, heck, I don't know, but it's not much, right?

Other supplies:
Gum for a bribe to calm Danny's senses......$.25

Towel to keep dreaded hair off Danny's back.....$0

Video of Danny's choice to distract him of the apparent agony accompanying haircut.....$17.99
Potential visit from DCFS worker because neighbors
report hysterical screaming coming from our house and the resulting humiliation
and mental anguish from said visit...... Priceless

Lego set I promise Danny to get him to quit screaming.....$30

Potential future medical expenses for me due to intense stress and prolonged raised blood pressure......Undetermined amount

Future therapy costs for Danny because his parents chose to torture him unmercifully.....$3,999

Fine chocolate, bubble bath, and facial mask used to soothe my frazzled nerves....$8.99


Jaimee said...

I can. COMPLETELY, and thoroughly. relate to this post. Used to only be my SPD child. Now it's also child #2. #3, thank HEAVEN, seems to have no issue with haircuts, aside from normal 2yr old squirmies. Squirms I can tolerate. It's the blood-curdling, screaming HYSTERIA that makes me lose my mind! Just thinking about it makes me crave a glass of wine ; )

Evenspor said...

Our oldest (5) won't sit through Mommy or Daddy haircuts. He's perfectly happy to let his cousin do it, though. She doesn't ask us for money but we pay her anyway. It's worth it.

Alysia said...

oh boy I get this too! Actually in my house, it's kid #3 (to go along with Jaimee's order).
I have a friend who is working on this and only this right now with her son. The therapist has come in once a week for six weeks. Puts the clippers to his head for 10 secs, then is done. Next time, 1 min. And so on. After six weeks, they gave him a haircut. Not the best haircut, but there was no screaming. A LONG process for sure but it worked for them.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ugh. Although the last cost analysis would make it worth it, I bet. Or at least worth it to me..

Heather said...

This is one issue we've managed to somehow bypass. I feel your pain, though and love this post!

Diane said...

I used to sit mine in the kitchen in front of a video, which helped a little. Now we just keep going to the guy I found who does a nice job and, much more importantly, works Really Fast. :)

Lizbeth said...

We do the same thing except our haircuts are in the garage. He's calmed down now but I used to be afraid our neighbors would call Child Protective Services he screamed so loud!

PS---where do you shop?? 8.99 is a great price for chocolate, bubble bath and facial mask. LOL

spectrummymummy said...

Oh, I hear you on this. There used to be one of those cartoon-showing hairdressers nearby (too much stimulation for many kids, but just right for Pudding) and then they closed. SO we try it ourselves, with about the same results. That is the price we pay, I suppose.

rhemashope said...

having all girls this is one thing i have not had to worry about. and i am thankful!

contabili bucuresti said...

Personally i can`t do a at-home haircut. Better i go to a salon.