Friday, March 4, 2011

Please Vote! is hosting a blog contest, where all the contestants are blogs for special needs parenting.

Hartley's Life with Three Boys is in second place, but we're hoping to rally the votes so she can win.

I happen to contribute to Hartley's blog on a monthly basis, so it's pretty exciting to me that the blog is getting this level of recognition, but that's not really the reason I'm asking you to vote. I'm asking because Hartley and her blog have helped hundreds of parents and kids with special needs. In fact, she's probably helped even more than that.

She personally set up the SPD Blogger Network which is a network of SPD parents from all over who support each other and who spread the word about SPD. She also works with the SPD Foundation on all kinds of projects to educate people about SPD. Truly, I don't even know about all the work she does, because there's so much she's doing.

So please consider voting for Hartley's Life with Three Boys. You are able to vote once a day through March 8th, and it only takes a second.


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Hartley said...

Thank you Patty! I appreciate the request for votes, but your kind words are even better!! :)