Saturday, May 14, 2011

Signs your kid might be stressed

~~~When your uncle benignly asks your kid about his recent, wondrous trip to Legoland, your sweet son screams, "Quit talking to me, you crazy guy!" and runs away.

~~~He's so scattered and frustrated that he cannot even complete the most mundane task like pulling down his pants, a task that he typically does with no problem at all--especially at times most likely to embarrass you.

~~~He spouts off gibberish that no one can understand OR he quotes movies without stopping and if you interrupt, he has to start all over again until he finally calms himself down which can often takes upwards of an hour.

~~~Eating is out of the question. Totally. It doesn't matter what you try to entice him with--cake, cookies, ice cream; suggesting these delicacies will only piss him off more when he's over stimulated and stressed.

~~~No matter what you ask him to do, he screams, "NO!" at the top of his lungs. You could be offering your kid an all-expense week-long trip to Legoland--the one in California, the mecca of LEGOs, the place he wishes we could move to--and he'd still refuse adamantly.

~~~The most minor incident can move him to tears. A kid who is normally immune to most pain, he will bawl after bumping his arm and won't stop crying until you administer all manner of antibiotic creams and band-aids.

How about you? Tell me your kids do some of these things too.... Please!


This post is part of the BoB series on stress and anxiety.


Lizbeth said...

Awww honey you're preaching to the choir!!! :)

How about when he starts a new tic, when he repeats phrases over (and over and over and over) to self calm, when his body tells him to bounce, poke, shake, twitch, etc. and I believe he can't stop or help it....

I'm so ready for a break here too!!!

K- floortime lite mama said...

Absolutely my kid has done all of these
Especially the on the verge of tears all the time bit

Heather said...

Instead of reciting movie lines he does math and occasionally has to recite every scene from his current favorite video game. You are sooooo not alone. And the "get away from me crazy guy"?? I crawl under the table everytime I hear it cuz I know it's coming.

Diane said...

That sounds rough - and familiar. As my spectrum teenager has matured, when he's stressed now he mostly snaps at people over every little thing, hides from anyone even coming to the door to make a quick delivery, obsesses more intently over whatever his latest obsession happens to be, and refuses requests as simple as pouring his own glass of milk. Mine doesn't stop eating, but instead starts craving a ridiculous amount of sugar.

I've learned over time to address the stress itself before trying to directly address the behaviors associated with the stress. (That's usually after I've forgotten and snapped at him at least once.) To someone on the outside it probably looks like I'm rewarding inappropriate behavior (that's why I resisted doing it for so long), but once his stress level goes down, the behavior generally improves on its own, and he's more open to any corrections that are still warranted.