Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Plea for Help

My wonderful son, Danny, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder over 5 years ago. Charlotte, my spunky, sweet 5-year-old was diagnosed with the disorder less than a year ago, and I am 99% sure that Tommy also has SPD.

This is a dysfunction that affects my family on a very real and daily basis, and we are definitely not alone. SPD is estimated to affect one in 20 kids, but many experts agree that number is actually quite low.

There is so much more research that needs to be done about SPD, research that can unravel the mysteries of this disorder which affects a kid's ability to learn and function in the real world. Families like mine need more research, more advances in the therapies and treatments for SPD.

And you can help us get that research! This month the SPD Foundation is in the running for a $250,000 grant. This money will go so far in doing the kind of research necessary to help families and kids with SPD.

Kids like my wonderful Danny, Charlotte and Tommy.

All you have to do is click on this link and vote! You can vote every single day. In fact, I plead with you to do so! And please, please, please spread the word!