Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waiting for Godot

They say patience is a virtue. I know it's one I've been desperately trying to teach my kids and learn myself. I tell them that patience is so important, that if they can learn to wait patiently, so many good things will happen.

But, you know what? That's not the whole truth, is it?

Many of you already know that I applied for a Pepsi Refresh grant in May. I need funding to start a LEGO social skills group for Danny and other kids on the autism spectrum in my town.

Although this project has been very positive--I've had tremendous support from so many, many people--it has also been a serious test of my patience and my ability to wait.

I applied for the grant in April and then had to wait to see if my project was randomly accepted to be voted on. I had to wait what felt like weeks.

And then, once the voting started, I waited all month to see what would happen.

Now that the voting is over, I have to wait until Pepsi audits all the projects to make sure no one cheated. In about three weeks, I should find out for sure whether I won the grant or not.

So, more waiting. More patience.

In these instances, waiting patiently IS a virtue, one that I must strive for or I might just lose my mind.

On the other hand, if I really excelled at waiting, I might never have applied for this grant in the first place. One of the reasons I started this whole project was because I was tired of waiting.

Since Danny was a toddler and diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (and later with autism), I feel like all I have been doing is waiting. Waiting for months to get an appointment with whichever expert I needed to see.

Waiting for those experts to hand down a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

Waiting for therapists to fit me in their already overbooked schedules. Waiting for school staff to evaluate whether Danny needed a social skills group or occupational therapy. Waiting for the therapy to start working and waiting for new therapy equipment to arrive so we could change it up.

You could say the last 6.5 years have been a study in waiting.

But, I've run out of patience.

I'm tired of waiting, which is why I jumped at the chance to start this social skills group. Imagine, I finally have the chance to make something happen without waiting for help from some expert or therapist. Once I have received the training, I will be the expert. I will be the one who helps my son. No more waiting.

I still believe in patience being a virtue and I will continue to cultivate this trait in my kids, but I will also try to focus their impatience in ways that are productive.

Because you know, I think there is a time for patience and a time for action.

And for me, the time for waiting has ended. Now, I'm ready to do something.

For more posts on waiting, visit the wonderful, generous Jen at Sprite's Keeper, because yes, you guessed it: The Spin Cycle has returned!

I've been waiting for this day for months!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, I am crossing very impatient fingers for you! I really hope you get this grant. You've always been Danny's best advocate, now you will be able to help advocate for others. So inspirational!
You're linked!

Trish said...

Good luck with the waiting! The project sounds absolutely fabulous, and I hope you get the chance to do it.

Heather said...

I too hate waiting! I don't do it well at all. I continue to have my fingers crossed that this will go through for you. This is truly an amazing thing that you want to do and would benefit so many people. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm crossing my fingers and toes and praying as well that everything works out for you. How wonderful that you'd not only get to help your own child but others as well. Priceless!

Stopping over from The Spin Cycle!

Michele said...

Popped over from Sprite's Keeper. I hope that your grant is successful. Waiting for those sorts of things is difficult. Good luck.

Mrsbear said...

I hope that final word is good news. I'm so happy for you and Danny and every family you can help with this. Channeling that impatience in to action was a big wonderful thing. Hooray.

Lizbeth said...

This is the part that tanks--the waiting. Let us know when you get word!!!!

CaJoh said...

This sounds like one of those really cool projects that deserve funding. Hoping that the waiting is short and the rewards are long.

Krystal said...

I agree with you - waiting on specialists and teachers and evaluations is excrutiating..the diagnosis process is not easy either but we survive and then we come to more waiting - keeping my fingers crossed for you - and I'm interested in this program, my kids love legos especially my lowest functioning one....good luck and great spin!!

SuziCate said...

Waiting is hard! I sure hope things work out in getting that grant.

Amber said...

Good for you, and good luck to you! I hope you get an answer soon, and that everything falls into place easily and smoothly. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the waiting for appointments, and evaluations, and placement decisions, and... ack. Hard work.

Hope you get your grant. Thanks for stopping by.

Bex said...

Wow! Good for you! you are so right, there is a time for waiting and a time for action. I hope you win!

Casdok said...

Hope it wont be much longer!

Kate said...

The services for those on the Autism spectrum is horrendous and shameful. I hope it gets better and quickly (if not sooner).