Thursday, July 7, 2011

Autism Book Reviews

The Child with Autism at Home & in the Community by Kathy Labosh is a handy reference for parents ofkids with autism. Labosh gives tips on everything from how to avoid getting poop on yourself when your child has decided to play with the contents of his diaper (go up to him from behind and hook your hands under his armpits and carry him to the bathtub. I know, brilliant, right?) to ideas on how to help your child handle a movie theater.

Labosh, herself a mother of two sons with autism, has compiled a list of over 600 tips for making life with autism easier. I cannot tell you how many times, while reading this book, I wished fervently it had been published years ago. So many of these tips would have made an enormous difference in my life as a parent of a young kid with autism. Just the bathroom section alone could have saved me much in the way of misery with regards to potty training, baths and hair washing!

Still, there are more than enough tips for older kids that will assist me in our daily lives!

The Child with Autism Learns About Faith, also by Labosh, is a unique book filled

with scripture lessons. I have never seen a book like this for kids with special needs. Labosh gives us lessons for Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, and many other great Bible stories.

There are 15 lessons in all, and each provides a very detailed list of materials needed. The lesson plans are very easy to follow and outline a variety of activities. They include scripture reading, group activity time, and videos/songs.

Reading through the plans, it is obvious Labosh has a solid understanding of how kids with autism learn. Each lesson flows from one activity to the next quickly enough to keep kids interested and focused. Also, they all include fun visual aids (like stuffed animals for Noah's Ark) and activities.

Though the book seems to be geared specifically for Church leaders and/or Sunday School teachers, the lessons can also easily be used at home. I can't wait to use these lessons for our family scripture study!


Lizbeth said...

Thanks for the reviews and the scooping up the kiddo from behind is brilliant. I would have lost a lot of time just looking, wondering what to do next. You know, besides pull my hair out!

danette said...

These both look great, thanks for the reviews!