Saturday, July 30, 2011

Learn to Have Fun with your Senses

Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses, The Sensory Avoider's Guide by John Taylor, PhD is a fantastic book actually written for children with sensory issues. This guide teaches kids how to manage their sensory regulation and have fun at the same time.

Since it is written for children, it is easy to understand and follow for parents, as well as for kids. Each chapter is dedicated to a different sense, and includes a quiz designed to determine whether the reader overreacts to that particular sense. This is pure genius, in my opinion. It not only helps the reader understand what overreacting to sound, for example, is like, but it teaches kids to be aware of their sensory responses. Most kids may not realize that their reactions are unusual, but taking these quizzes can help them see that being bothered by an elevator could be a sign of sensory problems.

After the quiz comes a "Take Charge" section which includes all kinds of useful tips on how to plan around your particular sensory challenge. For example, in the "Learn to Have Fun with Touch" chapter, the "Take Charge" section includes tips on planning ahead for outdoor fun, ("Be prepared for any weather, so it doesn't bother you too much") avoiding surprises ("Ask those who are going to touch you to approach you from the front, so you can be ready to receive their touch"), keeping your skin healthy so it will be less sensitive, and so on.

I love that this book teaches kids to take charge of their sensory sensitivities. This is a skill I am trying to teach my son. It has been a challenge, so this book comes at the perfect time for us.

The next section in each chapter is called "Train your Brain" and is full of fun activities kids can do to help train themselves to handle sensory stimuli better.

It doesn't stop with just sensory games, though. There are chapters on eating well, getting good sleep and taking care of yourself so that the brain can function more optimally.

This book is great, especially for teaching your kid to understand his SPD and how to manage it. I can't wait to start reading it with Danny and Charlotte. I know they will get a big kick out of the fun activities!


Tanis said...

This book is just what we need! It's going on my list for sure. And the fact that it's geared for the children, it will be easier to understand for her :) Thank you so much for sharing this, Patty!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

How do I know if my kiddo has a sensory issue? She doesn't like tags. Lights at night bother here (even if it's in a different part of the house). Is there a quiz somewhere?