Monday, September 19, 2011

Shameless Plug

This year has been an incredible year of opportunity. I am featured in two books and am so excited about it. I never thought I would ever be published and now because of these wonderful bloggers, I have been given an incredible opportunity!

First up is Sensational Journeys: 48 Personal Stories of Sensory Processing Disorder by Hartley Steiner. Hartley has compiled stories from dozens of families, and what an amazing collection this is!

If you are interested in buying this book, Future Horizons Publishing has a great deal. They have given me a code that I can share with you. This code will give you 15% off anything you buy there, including conferences, and you get free shipping. Unlike Amazon, there is no minimum. The code is PH. Pretty easy, huh?

The next book is called Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids. According to Amazon, it "brings together dozens of the best writers in the blogosphere, sharing their stories of both the challenges and rewards of raising children with autism and other cognitive disabilities."

Don't ask me how I managed to get invited to contribute to this book! I am so honored to be included in it, though. Check it out at Amazon.


B1L said...

Congratulations, Patty! <3 U!

Heather said...

You are very talented, that's how! Congrats :)

Mrsbear said...

Patty! I'm so excited for you! That's awesome. Proudly plug away, you deserve it.