Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chalk Line review

Chalk Line opens with Chief of Detectives, Ben Gallagher picking his younger brother up from prison after a 10-year stay. The same day, the brothers discover the body of Dayton Slaughter, their lifelong family friend and father figure. Before he can be dismissed from the case because of his personal involvement, Ben races to solve the mystery.

As Ben struggles to unravel the mystery of who murdered Dayton, he uncovers more questions than answers--questions that could rock his family to its core. Ben is conflicted between his determination to protect his family and his desire to find the killer of the only father he's ever known.

The investigation takes Ben into his family's past and across state lines, as he searches for information. There are many twists and turns as Ben tries to get those close to him to divulge information pertinent to the case. Ben suspects someone close to him might be responsible for the crime and he struggles with his responsibility as a detective and his duty for his family.

Chalk Line has a distinct film noir feel to it, reminding me of some of the great classic detective movies, like Laura and Bogart's Maltese Falcon, though the book is set in modern times.
LaRocque's debut novel is one that is intelligent and suspenseful. It is also exceptionally well written with complex, interesting, and believable characters.

If you like detective novels with smart and colorful characters and fantastic writing, Chalk Line is the book for you!

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