Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky in love

In college, my best friend Kim and I periodically played cards with our married friends on a weekend.  Hyper aware of our single status and very eager to change it, Kim and I watched our married friends in envy.

Wonderfully sweet Ellie encouraged us, angrily refusing to understand why we weren't besieged with date offers on a daily basis.  Loyal to the end, Ellie regaled us with pep talks full of our many (in her opinion) amazing qualities that any sane man should find irresistible.

Kim and I laughed and shrugged, sometimes rolling our eyes like adolescents.  We didn't really believe Ellie which, come to think of it, might have been part of our problem.  She didn't let our pessimism get to her, though.  She refused to let us think badly of ourselves.

One comment that was sure to elicit some vigorous eye rolling occurred when either of us lost a card game. Ellie would proclaim triumphantly, "Unlucky in cards, lucky in love!"

Kim and I chalked up Ellie's uber flattering opinions of us to her sainthood.  Her pep talks were similar to those you might have received from your mom as a preteen.  Sure, mom, YOU think I'm beautiful, but you HAVE to say that.  You're my mom.  You know, that kind of thing.

The years passed on and we all moved to different parts of the country.

And Kim and I were still experiencing a romantic dry spell.  A very long and painful dry spell.  Sure, we each dated.  But not much.  And no one with any promise.  We would call each other and bemoan our lack of prospects, and we came to believe that Ellie had to have been out of her mind.  We were hopeless.

Finally, Kim met Derik, an acquaintance of mine from Chicago.  And eventually I met Bil.  And the rest is history.

Over the years, especially when playing cards, or when I've received an email from Ellie, I remember her saying, "Unlucky in cards, lucky in love" and it makes me smile.

Which makes me think of Bil and how we met and fell in love.  And it makes me think of why, after 10 years, we are still in love and holding hands, despite warnings from people that it would never last.

More than anything, Bil is my best friend.  He's the person I most want to talk to when I've had a great day.

And when I've had a terrible day, Bil's the one who's there when I cry and rage and fall apart.  I know he'll never judge me when I'm overwhelmed as a parent.  Or when I'm angry at the kids.

I can always depend on him.  Always.

And that's not all.  Bil actually likes spending time with me and the kids.  We have so much fun working on our geeky projects together, like writing incredibly cheesy Christmas cards.  If something is important to me, Bil is always there willing to help.  He gets my vision for LEGO Club and helps me with every stage of the project.  And he enjoys helping.

The more I talk with my friends, the more I realize how lucky I am.  I have a somewhat unusual husband: selfless, thoughtful, uncomplaining, sensitive, funny, smart, patient, and loyal to the end.  He's a good listener, a caring friend, and an awesome team player.

He's there for me.

So, I guess Ellie was right all along.  I AM lucky in love.

Though I still don't really believe her assertions that I deserve it.


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Susan said...

Sweet. Marriage is easy, being true partner is the hard part- it seems like you have your true partner

Sprite's Keeper said...

Will you believe MY assertions that you deserve it? Because you do.

gretchen said...

You ARE lucky, and you DO deserve it. And you are LINKED!

Ginny Marie said...

Whaddaya mean you don't deserve it? You most certainly do! I just love a good love story.

SuziCate said...

What a sweet post...and yes, you deserve it!
Being lucky in love is the greatest luck of all!

Stacy Uncorked said...

You absolutely, positively, undeniably DO deserve it! And you ARE lucky - Bil is definitely a 'keeper' are you. ;)

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