Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 things you do NOT want to hear on the playground

5--"Mommy, what's that big chunk in the sandbox? Hey, I think Tommy just ate it, whatever it is."

4---"Ahhhhhhhh!  I got my pants wet!  I'm wet!!!! I'mwetI'mwetI'mwet. Mommy, I'm WET! Change my pants, Mommy!"  And, of course, you have no change of clothes in the car.

3--"I can't find my shoes! I don't remember where I left them."

2--"Mom!!!!  Tommy is bleeding everywhere!"

And the number 1 answer is............

1--"Moooooommmmmmm! Danny just peed off the bridge!"  shouted at full volume repeatedly.


B1L said...

I have this theory that "the Pissing Calvinists" are a secret society, who identify each other's rank by the type of 'pissing Calvin' they display on their car. Just sayin'. ;)

Karen V. said...

I never have a spare pair of pants when I need them! Lol!