Friday, February 22, 2013

Dream Vacation

I am not much of a daydreamer.  My mind flits from topic to topic much too quickly for me to really develop a clear, well-defined fantasy.  I'll be imagining some idyllic getaway, only to be interrupted with thoughts of my shopping list or Danny's upcoming dental appointment.

When I saw the topic for the Spin Cycle was Dream Vacation, my first thought was "Dream vacation? ANY vacation would be a dream right now!  But it'll never happen, so why think about it? What's the point?"

I filed the topic in the back of my mind and went about the rest of my day, working, fielding questions about special education law, and worrying about what I was going to make for dinner.  I didn't give the topic much thought until I went to bed.

As I lay awake last night, listening to Bil snore and watching the snow fall outside our window, I actually started daydreaming.  Perhaps because of the winter storm we were having, my mind went to a cabin in the woods. I imagined spending a few solitary days with just Bil in a beautiful, luxurious cabin surrounded by snowy forest.  I added a frozen pond nearby and ice skates waiting for us in the cabin.  Then, I thought, "Oh, we should have some snow shoes and cross country skis, too!"

I enthusiastically envisioned Bil and I sleeping very late on a huge four-poster bed filled with down comforters and cozy pillows.  Then, we would eat a luxurious breakfast and go ice skating or hiking in the woods.   Later, we would come home to a blazing fire and a hot tub where we could thaw out and relax.  It seemed so blissful to me.  We could read by the fire, watch movies late into the night, make out without worrying about a kid interrupting.

No kids to take care of.  No responsibilities, no phone, no email, or even Facebook.  Just a relaxing, quiet, peaceful weekend to spend together with absolutely no interruptions.

I visualized the cabin at night with bright stars studding the dark sky.  It all seemed so romantic....until I thought about how dark and quiet and isolated that cabin was.  So far away from civilization....or help.  I thought of the peculiar noises we would hear, the creaks in the cabin, the movement outside, the drone of chainsaws belonging to the serial killers in the woods.

And then, every stinking horror movie I have ever seen came flooding back to me and I envisioned Bil and I stalked like the family from Cape Fear.

Blood, there was a lot of blood.  And so much screaming.

And this, my friends, is why I do not go in for daydreaming.


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