Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer Brain Drain

Summer break is almost here, and my kids have a mile-long list of things they want to do this year. It includes things like visiting our local pool, taking a trip to Holiday World (which I am seriously looking forward to!), and gulping gallons of ice cream at our local hot dog joint.

My list, which I have yet to officially share with my kids, includes things like reading and math practice, science projects, and chores.

You can probably see why I haven't shared that with the kids yet.

I want summer to be fun, but I want to avoid summer brain drain. The kids have worked really hard at school this year and I do not want them to lose ground while lazing about in the summer sun. Danny especially has struggled to learn some major concepts. And his reading has improved tremendously. The last thing I want is for him to lose the ground that was so painstakingly gained.

You may think I'm overreacting, but according to the RIF website, the "summer slide" is serious:

"Something is waiting for many children every summer, and their parents don’t even know it’s out there. It's called the 'summer slide,' and it describes what happens when young minds sit idle for three months. Children who do not read over the summer will lose more than two months of reading achievement. Summer reading loss is cumulative. By the end of 6th grade children who lose reading skills over the summer will be 2 years behind their classmates. RIF provides resources for parents and teachers to keep kids reading throughout the summer and beyond." (To read more, click here.)

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