LEGO Social Club

My oldest son, Danny, has high functioning autism.  Because of this, he struggles a great deal with making connections with other kids his age.  When he was diagnosed over a year ago, the developmental pediatrician suggested we find a social skills group for Danny to attend.

This proved to be easier said than done.  The nearest group is over 30 miles away one way.  Still, we spent every Tuesday evening last spring driving to the group, hoping that it would assist Danny in learning proper social skills.  While the group was good, and the leader was super friendly and great with the kids, there were limitations on its curriculum.  I felt like it was a bit too basic for Danny.

What Danny needed was a group that would teach him to actually apply the skills that he had learned.

I thought and prayed and researched.  And after writing a post about my son's obsession with legos I realized that starting a LEGO social skills group would be ideal.

Imagine my delight when not soon after a friend emailed me a link to the Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health where they train people on how to run a LEGO social skills group.  After contacting them, I determined that I could receive their training without having to travel to New Jersey.

The only catch?  It was going to cost.  A lot!

This is why my husband and I have applied for a Pepsi Refresh grant.  Throughout May 2011, we need as many people to vote for our project as possible.  We'd really appreciate your support!